In-Depth Data on People and Companies

Finally, an easy way to get business data whenever you need it.

People Data

Use our dataset of 380M unique business profiles to find people that matter to your business.

Corporate Data

Get more value from business intelligence, enrich your CRM and build amazing products.

4TB of data
380M people profiles
14M company profiles
195 countries
80 industries
2.5K web technologies

Why Choose Oxydata?

Fast Data Delivery

Send us your request, and within 24 hours you’ll be speaking with an experienced account manager, who will evaluate your target and set a data delivery date.

Best Offer on the Market

We offer top-quality business data on people and companies for the most reasonable price on the market.

Verified Data

We harness data from hundreds of sources and keep it fresh by updating at least 20% of all data entries every month.


Our data extraction capabilities match your business needs, so simply tell us what you need, and we’ll do the rest.

Custom Setup

Whatever request you might have, you can always get structured data and use it to grow your business.

Built for Tech Teams

We’re committed to working with technical teams and have data resources ready to use for building your own solution internally.

Our Company & Team

Our team includes some of the most experienced web data extraction professionals. We have assembled a group of experts who come from a wide range of big data, lead generation, and e-commerce related backgrounds. Our combined experience allows us to help companies to better run their businesses with automated data extraction.

What Our Clients Say

“We didn’t have any experience on data collection, therefore we were looking for a company that could not only provide us with quality data but also has good knowledge on it. Oxydata was definitely the right choice. Thanks, guys!”

Kim C.

Product Owner

“Oxydata helped us to optimize our data extraction efforts and to move our focus from data collection to its analysis. Now we are making faster, more effective business decisions and don’t even worry on how to get data anymore. It’s always available when we need it.”

Timothy A.


“I was happy to discover that I don’t need to buy any software or hardware to get business data. In general, I have a lot on my plate already, so it’s very convenient when you can simply send your request and, after a couple of days, the data comes in.”

David P.

Chief Technology Officer

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