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Leverage the most up-to-date, clean and rich alternative social dataset of 11M+ companies & 360M+ professionals to improve your existing operations, and start capitalizing on more opportunities.

Access alternative data on 11M+ companies, and gain actionable business intelligence

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Why Choose Oxydata?

Fast & Hassle-Free Data Delivery

Submit your data request, and within 24 hours an experienced account manager will get in touch to evaluate your target and set a data delivery date.

AI-Technology Enriched Data

Data collected from the most relevant sources out there, and we keep it fresh by updating up to 3M+ company profiles every month with algorithm-assisted AI technology.

Flexible & Cost-Effective

Access parsed and already structured datasets to enrich your data solutions. Oxydata prides to be the most transparent and cost-effective data provider on the market.

How does it work?

Tell us what you need

We can extract multiple data records about business entities. Just tell us what you need, and we will do the rest.

Time to sit back and relax

Once we evaluate your request, we will set a data delivery date, and prepare a structured dataset.

Convenient data collection

Once the requested data is ready, simply download it in CSV/ JSON or via link straight to your S3 bucket.

Capture data-driven opportunities by partnering up with Oxydata.

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