Automated price monitoring

Track competitor prices with Oxydata

Track prices

Base your pricing strategy on real data. With Oxydata you can monitor competitor prices and adjust yours. Thanks to the most current data you can adopt more aggressive pricing strategy and shift customers attention to your product or service. Price-monitoring allows you to identify new opportunities and make better pricing decisions.

Make data-based decisions

Web data extraction allow you to get the most accurate data that you can later use not only to optimize your pricing strategy but to increase revenue and minimize your business costs. You don’t need to hire extra human power or maintain expensive crawling systems – we, at Oxydata, do everything for you.

Monitor the market

Skyrocket your e-commerce business with the most up-to-date data. By using Oxydata services, you can monitor the actions of your competitors and take business decisions that are based on real data about the market. No more guessing or using unreliable sources, work only with valuable and recent web data.


Data extraction

1.3 Billion






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