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Powerful and accurate API for real-time data extraction


DATA API provides the easiest way to get data from any website, including Google, Yandex, Baidu, as well as various e-commerce sites. With DATA API, we guarantee a 100% success rate – no captchas, timeouts and errors. Our API is built for heavy duty data retrieval operations. Currently serving over 20,000,000 million requests per day.


Powerful API

Our high-speed API engine covers all major search engine and retail providers. Years of experience in data extraction enabled us to create an API system, that is both fast and accurate. We know all the best tricks to get the data, and they are all implemented in our API engine.

Simple Pricing

We currently retrieve millions of SERP results every day. This, as well as our experience with proxy IPs, enable us to provide the best pricing for every data extraction project. The pricing is predictable as well, as you pay only for the successful data extraction tasks you get.

Pin Point Accuracy

Behind every API engine, there is a big IP address database. We have coverage of all most popular locations with natural geolocation IP addresses, therefore we can deliver the most accurate results, like no other data extraction API provider.

Customised Solutions

Do you have a target that you have problems retrieving data from? We can help you with that. Here at Oxydata we can build a customized data extraction API. We will not just get you the results by avoiding bans, but will dramatically decrease your scraping costs as well.

Why Oxydata API

Higher Reliability

Data API is much more reliable than proxies. Our API employs much larger IP pool which enables us to distribute the load more evenly. It also has an IP backup system, if some target suddenly  starts banning IPs at scale. This happened quite a few times in the past. If you are affected by this, your data collections activities are more than likely to get disrupted for a significant amount of time.

Cost Saving

Moving your data extraction to our API means that you no longer need to worry about local data collection support. You no longer need to maintain your proxy rotation system, and you can significantly reduce your data center spending. Data API enables you to save both on infrastructure and man power.

Real-Time Output

You are most likely familiar with IPs already and know how to use them. The API integration is as straightforward as IPs. We have extensive documentation, explaining how to integrate the API. For the transition to be absolutely seamless, we build a real-time query support. All you need to do is give the URL and we will retrieve you the data on the same connection.

Expand on Demand

If you land a new client and your data requirements suddenly increase significantly, you will have no problems ramping up the load with the API. Our system and IP pool is built to handle tens of millions of queries every day. It may take a few days or even more to source enough IPs.

Improved Planning

With Data API you are charged per request basis. This means that if you are not using the API, you are not paying. It is a different story with IPs, as you are charged month-to-month. The API enables you to plan and save on your data extraction activities.

Custom Features

Having problems extracting data from a website? We will help you. We have over 8 years of experience in data extraction business and have been serving Fortune 500 companies. We have seen it all, we have done it all.

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