Monitor distributors and retailers

Control your product placement on e-commerce sites

Tracking sales and discounts

When it comes to identifying unauthorized sales or shopping cart discounts, automated web data extraction are the only solutions that help you to get the most accurate data and detect harmful activities as soon as they occur. Take back control over your products and ensure that retailers comply with your pricing strategy.

Shipping to unauthorized countries

Monitor where your products are being shipped and identify e-commerce websites that are not licensed to sell your products in the particular markets. Oxydata offers an enterprise level web data extraction services that allow you to run multiple requests at the same time, get data from absolutely any page and control how your products are being sold.

Identifying counterfeits

By using web crawling, you can get a full view on the web and identify e-commerce websites that are selling cheap counterfeits. With Oxydata you can proactively monitor your distribution channels and automate web data extraction. Our services provide you with valuable data for the most reasonable price on the market.


Data extraction

1.3 Billion






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